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deesto 07-11-2007 02:01 PM

installing Fedora 7 from rescue disc behind proxy
I have an old system onto which I'd like to install Fedora 7. It doesn't have a DVD reader, so I need to install using the rescue disc (it appears that Fedora is no longer distributed in CD images, just DVD). The disc boots fine, but then I need to specify a web mirror for HTTP setup, and I am behind a proxy. I can't figure out a way to open a command prompt during the installation so that I can set/export the proxy URL. Is there a way to set the proxy URL as the rescue disc boots?

I should also mention that I've tried the Live CD on this system, and it fails to boot with the following errors:
Buffer I/O error on device /dev/sr0, logical block 358120
WARNING: Cannot find root file system!
bash: no job control in this shell

I checked the SHA1 has on the Live CD image before burning it to disc, and I burned the CD at 1x (after getting the same error on another CD written at max. speed).

deesto 07-12-2007 11:33 AM

I'll also mention that the Live CD spews the same errors even on a modern, fast machine, and in addition, it reports a USB error:

usb 1-1: device not accepting address 2, error -71
I'm still interested in a rescue disc installation, if anyone can help me figure out how to pass the http_proxy value during the installation.


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