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Joltgod 07-23-2005 12:25 AM

Installation choice?
I'm about ready to install FC4 - I want this to be the only OS on my computer, nothing else. But i also want compiler tools and development software. which options do i need to choose to get all of this?

kencaz 07-23-2005 12:47 AM

pretty sure by default FC4 installs development tools, however, you can check the customized package installation and choose everything you want...

Here is a good little graphical walk through of the process:

good luck


mkoljack 07-23-2005 12:58 AM

If you have the HD space, try an everything install, otherwise during install, you can select custom install and the package choices are grouped by category, which one of them is development. You can choose any you like.

The installer is named Anaconda. Excellent installer.

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