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justin_p 08-06-2004 01:42 PM

I have this urge
I have been a Slackware User since 10 came out. My box is configured about perfect. I am running Dropline Gnome, which I love. Nvidia is working. The 2.6.7 kernel is working. Nothing could be better. I just keep having this impulse to go back to Fedora. Is there something wrong with me? I'd like to here some arugements one way or the other. Thanks.

efanning 08-06-2004 04:44 PM

Well, Justin, being that I have not tried Slackware (yet :D ), I can say that I have tried Mandrake 9.2 and 10, Suse 9.1, RH9, and now currently running FC2, that I prefer FC2. I'm not real sure why, I just can't but my finger on it.

Since you've been at Fedora, what are the difference between Slackware and Fedora that you like Slackware better? Should I convert?

Mephisto 08-06-2004 05:57 PM

If you feel the usrge and consider it worth the effort, go for it. Or you could always dual boot. I must confess I am confused though. If everything works and you are happy, why are you getting the urge to switch back. There must be something you are dissatisfied with, or that you prefer in Fedora for you to want to switch back.

2damncommon 08-06-2004 08:10 PM


I just keep having this impulse to go back to Fedora. Is there something wrong with me?
Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.

The Bad Penny 08-07-2004 07:51 AM

Perhaps this is because you perceive there are no more challenges left for you in slackware,
or anything left to learn and you want to go through it again wth a different distro.

There's nothing wrong with that,,

but why Fedora (not that there is anything wrong with it)
why not something like Gentoo if its another challenge or a higher learning curve you are after...

Then again Im probably talking garbage and have grasped your post wrong,

LinuxLala 08-07-2004 08:54 AM

I always loved Slackware. Now I have finally got slack 10. But ever since I tried Fedora 1, I'm stuck. I moved to FC2 and again I am stuck.

While I will install slack, I will do a dual boot. I just don't think I'll get rid of FC2.

seabass55 08-07-2004 09:42 AM

something I/we've been saying at work for a long time...."if it ain't broke....don't fix it."

On the other hand everyone always has their favorite distro and you should work with what you really like. I like RH/FC and have liked it for many years and plan on sticking with it. Occasionally I'll get a wild hair up my ass and install something just to play with it on a spare machine...but other than that it's all RH/FC here.

justin_p 08-08-2004 07:19 PM

To answer everyone I think it is a combination of what I like and there were no more challenges left me in Slackware. Don't get me wrong Slack is great. It is what you make it. After getting my box set up and installing DLG I (w/o thinking) set bluecurve as my theme. There's your sign. Also, I started out using RH9 that I got when I pick up my first Linux book. I guess I feel the most comfortable here.
I am also thinking about starting my site about my transitioning myself into a Guru, if it is possible. I am reading as much as possible and working on getting my LPIC Level 1 and RHCE within the next year. And no, I do not have a CS degree nor do I work in the industry. I am self taught and as going to work hard for what I want to do. I think that I am going to try and post a periodic update in the "User Sucess Story section" every month or so. That will also help me stay on track.
Lastly, I made my switch today back to Fedora. I am enjoying. It only took me an hour to have my box the way I wanted. Thanks for the comments. Out.

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