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james2b 08-29-2009 04:17 AM

how to move the KDE application launcher
Is there a way to move the KDE application launcher, (the main Fedora 10 programs menu button),from the lower right corner to the lower left side? Also with Fedora 10 kde 4, can I install that older kde with the package manager, and then at the login screen just select that session, right ?

fyanardi 08-29-2009 09:01 AM

You can open the panel settings, click anywhere on the panel, Panel Options -> Panel Settings, you should be able to move any applet within the panel.

james2b 08-30-2009 03:11 AM

I was not able to do that, so I did try a upgrade to Fedora 11 from the DVD which almost worked but booted to a error screen; nouveau fifo free, which I have found out is the built in nvidia display driver. So then I did a fresh full clean install of the gnome desktop version of Fedora 11, which is all working fine now, thanks. Does FC11 have those non-free type software repositories for the nvidia display drivers, or just use that one included with the install ?

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