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Richard Huelbig 06-06-2004 02:03 PM

How Do You Change Menu Item Names/Icons In FC2?
In RH9, if I click on the RedHat menu, select Games, right-click on Chess, and select Properties--the Chess Launcher Properties dialog box appears. While I could not change the icon used for Chess, or the name of the game (let's say I wanted to change the name to Rich's Chess), the fields in the dialog box were not grayed out, and, it looked as though the ability to change the icon/name might be coming in a future release of RH/FC.

Well, I've noticed, that in FC2, performing the same steps as above results in a Launcher Properties dialog box with all fields grayed out (even if I'm logged in as root). Apparently, in FC2, the fields are grayed out so as to not give the impression that the icon/name could be changed (but would result in an error) as was the case in RH9.

Does anyone know if it is possible to change a menu item's icon and/or name? If it's not possible, is this something that the Fedora Project plans to implement in the future?


Richard Huelbig

lupin_the_3rd 06-06-2004 11:18 PM

Have a look around in /usr/share/applications... each .desktop file lists the icon, name as it appears in the menu, and tooltip... you can edit these files...

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