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jin.liu 11-12-2003 07:23 AM

How can we make bootspalsh like MDK?
I don't like rhgb.bootspalsh in MDK or SUSE seems better.
but after I recompile kernel by the way told in,I failed.
who can help me ?

jin.liu 11-12-2003 08:02 AM

Hope someone can help me !:o

wiraone 11-12-2003 08:15 AM

Whats wrong with the Fedora's one? It does almost the same as per hiding the services messages (it will go to graphical thingy after the boot messages)

cybrjackle 11-12-2003 10:42 AM

Yeah, I also use SuSE and I think it's very clean, but I'm more impressed with Fedora's way.

jin.liu 11-13-2003 09:25 AM

Do you really like Rhgb??

cybrjackle 11-13-2003 09:45 AM


Originally posted by jin.liu
Do you really like Rhgb??
Yep, looks pretty smooth to me. I also like SuSE's, MDK & Gentoo's. There all just Eye Candy, but I think Fedora's is a good implementation.

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