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UmneyDurak 09-27-2004 04:13 PM

Never mind.
Never mind.
But this does brings up a question. Can you change your root password if you have physical access to your computer?
Or is reinstalling the only option?

imdeemvp 09-27-2004 04:29 PM

this may help:
How to change root user password, if forgotten?
01) Read me:

01b) Only applies in True Console mode
02) Follow the instructions "How to gain root user access without login?"
03) To change root user password:
03a) sh-2.05b# passwd root
04) Done!

kostason 09-27-2004 05:23 PM


try the instructions here

UmneyDurak 09-28-2004 03:50 AM

Wow can't believe it's that easy.

justin_p 09-28-2004 01:47 PM

anything is possible when you have physical access to a machine.

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