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otzenpunk 12-03-2004 12:15 AM

Gnome gets wrong disk size of NFS volumes (FC3, x86_64)
I've just installed FC3 x86_64 on my new Athlon64 system (MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum Board).
Now I have the following problem: I have several NFS volumes mounted from a Solaris server. Everything works as expected, except that Gnome is confused about the free disk space on those volumes.

My /etc/fstab looks like this:

saustall:/export/home  /net/home              nfs    rw,bg,hard,intr        0 0
saustall:/music        /net/music              nfs    rw,bg,hard,intr        0 0
saustall:/video        /net/video              nfs    rw,bg,hard,intr        0 0
saustall:/iso          /net/iso                nfs    rw,bg,hard,intr        0 0
saustall:/export/tmp    /net/tmp                nfs    rw,bg,hard,intr        0 0

df -h reports this:

saustall:/export/home      15G  7,9G  6,6G  55% /net/home
saustall:/music        15G  6,5G  8,4G  44% /net/music
saustall:/export/tmp  9,7G  5,1G  4,6G  54% /net/tmp
saustall:/video        70G  34G  36G  49% /net/video
saustall:/iso          25G  19G  6,5G  75% /net/iso

But Nautilus reports the following free disk space numbers:
/net/home: 104.9MB, /net/tmp: 72MB. /net/music: 133.3MB, /net/video: 566.5MB, /net/iso: 102.8MB.

When I try to start evolution, it complains about "not enough disk space in my home directory" and exits.

Gnome System Monitor reports numbers that seem to be exactly 1/64 of the original values for every NFS drive.

This seems to happen just with the Gnome tools. At the command line everything works correctly.

Does anybody know what went wrong? The old FC2 installation on AthlonXP worked, as well as my debian installations do.

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