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Rotwang 03-10-2004 10:35 PM

Fresh install hangs during boot
Just installed fedora core 1.

When I boot, fedora goes through the usual stuff, the black screen with white text, then changes my monitor resolution and goes into graphical mode, then goes back to black screen white text and says something like "Unclean shutdown, testing filesystem integrity" you know what I mean.

Then it tests the filesystem, it's fine, then it contiunes and when it gets to:

hda: attached ide-cdrom driver

it hangs. I can hear a lot of hard drive activity at this point but then that stops too.

I know there's nothing wrong with the cd drive, for one thing I just used it to install, and for another, I just booted to a knoppix disc and it works fine.

So it's hanging for some other reason. Why?!

adm1329 03-11-2004 09:47 PM

I had a similar problem when setting up Fedora for a friend. What we finally realized was that his cdrom was the master on the primary IDE channel. It installed fine but wouldn't actually boot afterwards. I don't know how or why the system got configured that way, but after we changed it, and reinstalled Fedora, it worked fine.

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