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Fresh Idea for Linux and stuff for improving Fedora Core Ver. etc..

Not sure , if this has been asked but if this is a offical Fedora forum ?

Why don't I see a section for posting like idea's that would help make FC4 or next release better?

I have seen a lot of linux os these days looking all the same , etc features that every other Linux has , but it would be nice if one linux version stands out more then others
=Some pointers are like=

Like for example: Knoppix is comppressed with over 2 GB on one CD which is more software then redhat products have .

Their are linux versions out their for general tasks like games iso versions , networking iso versions . lite linux iso versions etc.. to do or customized to a general goal to a special types like for home desktops , network desktops and workdesktops etc.. , if you look hard anoff on the net their problem is even linux os , designed to run cad drawning type os in which their general goal is to .

I think its nice when you can get the newest version of linux and it being updated all software uptodate with programs all the current stuff , like for example you can find a few of them on
if you search from their search site using the term linux 2.6.10 something in the search box, it will show you all the linux versions which are most all current software

I like how you can find some times a linux version that looks better than other like for example , when one kde or gnome looks better designed then another one , I know some come with better themes then others , I only think redhat gots going for itself , is easy install and clean looking desktop but not nice looking one , too simple icons no style to them, if redhat was a form of art , it would be failing art , I would give redhat's art of style a D grade compare to gentoo and shackware + knoppix it a little better then redhat in style.

thing I liked about gentoo is the portage system , Don't like that its compiling method of installing software

I only thing I liked about shackware 10 was the text style option , were you could change the bootup text in different styles , other wise their is no neat features about it , also Microsft Mice usb type don't work right on it , the mouse would only move up and down , making mice access really bad under the desktop

which has a higher compression or better rate *.tar.gz or any tar type files , *.rar which no linux seems to use , *.rpm seems too big in size and requires too much space for basic software that redhat comes with allways seems to be less software then all other linux designers, for example you can find more software or about the same about of software on one debian cd , you have to take 3 redhat 9 cds to make even close the 1 install CD that debian first cd debian has but debian has outdated software in stable why?
knoppix is debian based and it stable compared to debian , so why is debian not at the same level as knoppix if 3.7 is stable and maybe newer then debians unstable branch , why is debian not keeping up with newer linux versions? so far deb compression method seems the most storable file types but its not the best linux version , so far I have seen a lot a linux software with nice features but they all seem to lack one feature or another feature from other linux software, like gentoo has the most software , debian or knoppix stores the files on the cd or dvd the best , redhat is clean interfaced desktops but redhat totaly messes up kde or its not as nice looking compare to other linux out their they seem to make it look like gnome but that not nice at all , I mean software like > Lindows{whatever their calling it now(rips off debian system ) , redhat feels like it tryes to make every thing look like a bad version of gnome style, redhat is too simple and has less software then other linux , which is a plus for updating , because theirs less to update and thats also the downside

===features linux should include===
debian update system is the best. point end..copy installer program like yum is a apt-get clone program but does not use deb files which are smaller size compared too rpm files
portage gots a lot of source to install from ...
DVD version of software is better then CD etc.. only one dvd required to install system
A program in debian better with gui interface for installing software too , which has lib detection , so you don't break programs , it detects all that has to be updated forgot what its called thou
Lilo or grub option whats with federa removing lilo option to the user?
(Fedora Core 2 breaks other os like for example windows me does not what to boot from grub , somehow the Fedora partions have done this or its grub failt since if I remove the linux parts with fdisk , when and only then I can use the bootdisk with dos on it , to use fdisk /mbr to fix windows so it boots again, it also does this to windows xp does not boot from Core 2 grub program , and bypass this with bootdisk does not work either, you have to use like either bootable knoppix or else to remove linux partions then and only then will the bootdisk run to dos , otherwise it just locks up the computer so no boot happens) I have a intel motherboard type Pentium 4 3GZ type system.
I once found a freeware boot program like lilo and grub but you needed the dos prompt to install it , and it boots linux and windows too , I think it was called Extended boot loader or something like that it was open source too , but did not support usb mice , only the ps2 type , but it seem to have more features then both lilo and grub , its seems to be at now

the other link they give does not seem to work which is

it woulld be nice if more windows games , like store buy windows program had linux binarys , their are times when wine does not cut it , it always better for their to be native binarys for running games or anthing that was first windows based like quake 3 , unreal 2 and doom 3, farcry all have native binary files but titles like the sims , uru , realmyst , (myst based games don't run on like as far as I know) you need to dualboot for some games and other non-linux software , which puts your computer less safe , like after playing a game in windows because it only runs in windows , you a not going to reboot just to go on the net , your going to because your feeling yaze access it from the unsafe windows system , which could get the new Microsoft Virus any day know plus , I know for a fact that someone hacked SP2 already updated or not becaue my System Microsoft safely program was already acting funny under SP2 , the virus program that was all uptodate , it the Microsofts safely detecting program it has reading it as outdated , when I had just updated fully , which means that someone already hack my home/gaming pc. but not to werry I already formated the harddrive 80 GB give 20GB to windows me , removed windows xp sp2 and installed Fedora 2 DVD but it broke windows me again , each time I install it seems to do that. its ok , got the ltmodem drivers from that site that proves the 2.6 kernel drivers for ltmodem (Lucent) (winmodem) file name is ltmodem-2.6-alk-6.tar.bz2 which works with my Fedora Core 2 Dvd smp kernel it comes with.
i think you can search it in if you need to find it for your lucent winmodem, I stop using linux sometime ago to play games in windows , and capture video too in windows , like seems to lack good mpeg 2 DVD format or mpeg 4 avi then convert to mpeg 2 dvd format etc.. which linux lacks , also new redhat Fedora 2 core seems to lack capturing software at all why? what are they thinking? I know right as of know windows has better capturing program even for the basic avi compression (divx) capturing and ati has the (ati multimedia software)(windows only) that can capture BT8x8 card type into both the mpeg 2DVD and mpeg 4 avi formats , only thing I see in redhat that can view the BT8X8 card is TVtime viewer but no recorder tv option , I have a DVD-RW + and - dvd it handles so etc.. record video with it needed for os etc.. at this timw windows works the best also their is other mpeg dvd capturing software but only for windows why does linux stink so bad in this area , even the better linux like mandrake that have tv type software seems to lack compresion formats in both video and sound compressions really lack ?why? meaning they don't seem to have good video and sound codes by default? etc.. after install os you have too search net for better freeware based linux software to get video compression like divx to work in linux at all not a easy thing to do
ok . back to what needs improvement , also icons could have more animation to them , and in bootup os , maybe animation needed too before gets into desktop or login manager getting more animation into it and the desktop besides doing picture option being animation in desktop background the os too , its ok , that it has pictures when bootup systems but it seems more then shows bootup programs loading , like all of the system themes system controlling all the animation and or themes you bootup from grub and then controls the loading programs themes and then Login manager Themes , and controls Desktop themes then it needs to control skins theme on programs like for example mozzilla and mp3 players , dvd player programs , a Linux Theme loader that controlls and contains all the linux Theme setting from one Theme Manager so , when loading and install a theme it does ALL the THEME options from one program interface. which all linux verions seem to lack which should be need better designing in their software control, don't you think so their is a lot of room for inprovement needed on linux still , make it better then the current windows and macs etc.. and all older linux make them look bad , and people will use your linux software after all that close to what its about right? besides beening safer then windows and should be deignered better then windows in software and out do them in hardware compatable too and keep to stable and looking style better then anything else, and people then and more will use it the better you make it , maybe or maybe not just because its their does not mean you should use and , it can always be better but never the best, the best just never is tanjable, it can never be the best , just better then the rest of software should be your goal in a new version of linux right am I right? in theory?
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Short answer to long post


I am answering this from a Developer point of view (not a Linux distribution developer)

When a team develops something, anything, it has to focus by setting priorities. It comes down to the amount of resources you have to put the deliverable together.

For a linux distribution:
a) Does it want to be the most stable version?
b) Does it want to have the most software?
c) Does it want to have the best hardware detection?
d) Does it want to be the most user-friendly?

There are several reasons why a distribution cannot be everything to everybody even if it wanted:

a) Does it want to be the most stable version?
There are limited resources, both for developing and for coordinating. A linux distribution consists on thousands of individual components. Testing them together is a monumental effort. During the time it takes to test everything, newer versions of something you've already tested will be released, so, you don't include the newest version

b) Does it want to have the most software?
The most software 'For what'? different users have different needs. It is very difficult to get a concensus of what is the basic software

c) Does it want to have the best hardware detection?
Again, the resources required to test the drivers in many different combinations are very high.
Besides Some newer versions of drivers are not backwards compatible (usually as a trade off for something).

d) Does it want to be the most user-friendly?
User friendly for a novice is to show very few options. User friendly for an expert is to enable as many options as possible.


As you can see every distribution has to trade off something and focuss on its priorities.

Eventually advances in certain areas mature and all the distributions addopt them.

Linux is about choice and options. What's more, if you want a 'linux' that has all the features that you consider 'the best' you have that option.

oh, and a comment about Gentoo. You say that you like portage, but don't like the compilation part? Then you don't like portage as portage IS about compiling.

Good luck finding a distribution that closely matches your needs.


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