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mbegovic 06-15-2004 01:50 AM

"Frequency out of Range" at boot

I just got a new monitor yesterday, and when I try to boot into FC2, the screen goes black about half-way through the boot sequence. I get a "Frequency out of range" message in the middle of the screen and I can't move from there. Any ideas? It's a ViewSonic E90f+ and I was previously using a ViewSonic P75f+ with it. I'm trying to remember if I managed to boot into it at all since I hooked the new monitor up, but I'm not sure.


clausawits 06-15-2004 03:07 PM

I would guess that the monitor goes blank when Linux gets to the stage of start-up where it starts X. If so, your resolution and monitor settings (refresh rates) in X probably don't work on your new monitor.

You could try hitting "CTRL +" or "CTRL -" if your X configuration has multiple resolutions entered.. those keys change your screen settings. If there are several in there, and one of them makes your monitor happy, you can get in and fix the refresh rates on your other resolution settings to things your new monitor is happy with.

Short of that, you will probably need to hook up the old monitor and put in some settings into your X configuration that will work for your new monitor.

Hopefully someone else can chime in and be a bit more specific, since I'm short on time right now. If they don't and you are still stuck, I'll try to post more later..

jaa1180 06-15-2004 03:42 PM

It means the resolution and/or the hertz of the PC video card is too great for that monitor. if the old monitor is not available then get to the command line and reconfigure X.

mbegovic 06-15-2004 05:03 PM

It's odd, because the new one should have a higher refresh-rate at the resolution I was using. jaa1180, I can't get to the command line or anywhere, for that matter. I guess I'll have to get a different monitor in order to fix this, which is quite a hassle right now.

clausawits 06-16-2004 10:26 AM

can you ssh into the box from another computer (as an alternative to getting another monitor).. I'm pretty darn sure everything is still booting up fine, it's just the monitor chokes on trying to run at what the video card is asking for.

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