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carlosinfl 07-15-2005 03:03 PM

Firefox Update in FC4?
So I just installed FC4 and it is nice. I am only confused how I can update Firefox (1.0.4 - 1.0.5)?

Yum does not seem to have a package for the latest verion and I have no idea how to install this manually and if that will mess up anything with 1.0.4 since that was embedded in the system.


[root@localhost ~]# yum update firefox
Setting up Update Process
Setting up repositories
updates-released          100% |=========================|  951 B    00:00
extras                    100% |=========================| 1.1 kB    00:00
base                      100% |=========================| 1.1 kB    00:00
Reading repository metadata in from local files
Could not find update match for firefox
No Packages marked for Update/Obsoletion

Thanks for any info

reddazz 07-15-2005 03:09 PM

Be patient. Updates usually take a few days to be tested and packged in rpm format. If you don't want to wait for official updates, you can create your own firefox rpms using the guide at fedoranews.

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