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f0nzie 09-14-2004 07:30 AM

Fedore C2: load driver disk from usb
Hello Guys,

Have a problem with the install of Fedora Core 2/promise raid.

I have a system with no option to connect a standard floppy drive. Only possible option is to do this with an USB floppy drive. I have to install a driver for my Promise Raid.

When the fedora installation menu loads from the cdrom I choose for the option "linux dd". When I have inserted the driver disk system keeps asking me to insert the driver disk, so Fedora can't read/find the driver disk from the USB floppy. (driver disk is fine, used it yesterday on an other system for Redhat 8.0)

I did this before on the same system, same USB floppy with Redhat 7.3/8.0 and that worked perfect, but now it seems that Fedora install can't read from the USB floppy.

Anyone have an idea why Redhat 7.3/8.0 did the trick and Fedora C2 doesn't?

I don't know, but another option might be to load the driver disk from a second cdrom device, but is it possible to specify on which device the install has to look for the driver disk?

Any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks !

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