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sweeney1988 08-03-2009 05:15 AM

Fedora system log questions. Help!
I have been issued a number of questions for a college paper Im doing and was wondering is anyone could solve these questions I have received. Some feedback or answers to these would be greatly appreciated.

I'm running fedora 7 on a Microsoft virtual pc and these questions are for entry on the system log*
Write a script which will write the name of the current month, your username, your home directory as well as the name of your default shell, each on a separate line with appropriate explanatory statements i.e.
​This month is.
​My username home directory is.
​My default shell is..

Please note that the script must produce the correct month, no matter when it is run and anyone running your script should have the correct values produced for their username etc.
Write a script which will prompt the user for the name of a file. If this file exists a message will be displayed to this effect. If this file does not exist then a suitable message should be displayed.
Write a script which will list on screen the names of the three most recently altered files in the current directory.
Write a script which will run after a delay of run minute and list on screen the names of all the files in your workspace. Please note that your file space is not just your home directory but also all the directories that you have created and there may be several levels of directories.

acid_kewpie 08-03-2009 05:22 AM

Good god no, it's your work, not ours, and the rules explicitly request you do not ask for direct help with homework. Feel free to ask about specific issues, but expecting full answers is insulting to us, and your education.

unSpawn 08-03-2009 05:50 AM

Per the LQ Rules, please do not post homework assignments verbatim. We're happy to assist if you have specific questions or have hit a stumbling point, however. Let us know what you've already tried and what references you have used (including class notes, books, and Google searches) and we'll do our best to help. Also, keep in mind that your instructor might also be an LQ member.

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