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w6bi 03-02-2006 07:47 PM

Fedora can't talk to gkrellmd remotely
In the past I've used gkrellm locally and gkrellmd remotely in order to monitor remote boxes.

However, since about Fedora Core 2, with gkrellmd running on <remotebox>, typing

gkrellm -s <remotebox> gives the error

Broken server connection

Both machines are on the same subnet, so there shouldn't be any firewall issues (and besides, it worked previously).

Anyone seen this before? Got any ideas?


w6bi 03-02-2006 07:53 PM

After puzzling over this for three years, I finally RT'd all the FMs..

turns out, when I did the original install on the server, it had IPV6 enabled. So, in /etc/gkrellmd.conf it had

allow-host localhost
allow-host ::ffff:
#allow-host ::1
#allow-host 192.168.0.*

Changing it to

allow-host localhost
#allow-host ::ffff:
#allow-host ::1
allow-host 192.168.1.*

allowed the connect to take place.

And no, googling this didn't yield anything useful. Perhaps they thought it was too obvious...

Maybe this will help someone else.

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