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sunveer 07-04-2013 09:07 AM

Fedora Boot Problem
After upgrading to Fedora 19, I see during boot up, the following things which have increased the boot time. Though I am able to login properly. But these things are increasing boot time.


"(1 of 4) A start job is running for firewalld - dynamic firewall daemon

(2 of 4) A start job is running for Wait for Plymouth Boot Screen to Quit

(3 of 4) A start job is running for LSB: Automatically install DKMS modules for new kernels

(4 of 4) A start job is running for Accounts Service

Failed to start Wait for Plymouth Boot Screen to Quit.
See 'systemctl status plymouth-quit-wait.service' for details"

I noticed that 1 or 2 times, only the following message comes:

"A start job is running for firewalld "

John VV 07-05-2013 03:40 PM

how did you "upgrade" and from what to 19

if this was a fedora 18 to 19 using "fedup" there should not be too many issues
but then again there might?

I am a big proponent of doing a new clean install with fedora
then manually incorporating the backed up data back into the new version of fedora

sunveer 07-06-2013 12:29 AM

I filed the bug but they said that there is problem with each service that is taking time to load.

When I do $ systemd-analyze blame


20.837s plymouth-quit-wait.service
        15.654s firewalld.service
        14.466s accounts-daemon.service
          7.207s named.service
          3.694s dkms_autoinstaller.service
          3.220s systemd-logind.service
          2.989s gdm.service
          2.792s rtkit-daemon.service
          2.294s lvm2-monitor.service
          1.724s restorecond.service
          1.309s livesys.service
          1.293s systemd-tmpfiles-setup-dev.service
          1.243s systemd-fsck@dev-disk-by\x2duuid-a8be2f6d\x2d663f\x2d44e0\x2d957d\x2d5df793379e5d.service
          1.240s systemd-binfmt.service
          1.231s psacct.service
          1.230s chronyd.service
          1.214s fedora-loadmodules.service
          1.152s systemd-fsck-root.service
          992ms softwares.mount
          986ms songs.mount
          978ms misc.mount
          958ms proc-sys-fs-binfmt_misc.mount
          791ms abrt-ccpp.service
          755ms systemd-udev-trigger.service
          743ms dev-hugepages.mount
          742ms sys-kernel-debug.mount
          740ms dev-mqueue.mount
          724ms tmp.mount
          617ms systemd-tmpfiles-setup.service
          469ms sys-kernel-config.mount
          438ms mcelog.service
          401ms systemd-udevd.service
          397ms fedora-readonly.service
          369ms plymouth-start.service
          316ms home-himanshu-Virtual_Machine.mount
          306ms sendmail.service
          237ms colord.service
          232ms systemd-sysctl.service
          171ms plymouth-read-write.service
          139ms boot.mount
          134ms systemd-readahead-replay.service
          122ms systemd-readahead-collect.service
          122ms dev-disk-by\x2duuid-35f0e987\x2d92b5\x2d41c3\x2dafe8\x2d1f6d3a35f6bc.swap
            98ms auditd.service
            85ms sm-client.service
            57ms udisks2.service
            56ms NetworkManager.service
            41ms systemd-remount-fs.service
            14ms polkit.service
            12ms data.mount
            12ms xinetd.service
            9ms lvm2-lvmetad.service
            7ms rpcbind.service
            7ms NetworkManager-dispatcher.service
            6ms systemd-user-sessions.service
            6ms upower.service
            5ms systemd-readahead-done.service
            3ms systemd-journal-flush.service
            3ms systemd-vconsole-setup.service
            3ms systemd-update-utmp-runlevel.service
            1ms systemd-random-seed-load.service
            1ms sys-fs-fuse-connections.mount

The first three services take very long to load. Please suggest how to solve this.

sunveer 07-10-2013 11:23 PM

Renamed /var/log/journal to /var/log/ and it now works properly. No more delay now.

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