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oldschoolgamerz 11-01-2004 11:16 PM

fedora and xp HMMM?
Okay i have a full install of fedora core 2 on my machine and i have now decided i want xp too. How would i go about the repartioning and all that jazz? Since i was always taught windows first then another OS

P.S. I try'd my partition magic boot cd and it said my hda had a error 101 i was like whatever and resarted my computer, and it booted just fine! So i am truly lost any help would be nice thanks!

danikdj 11-02-2004 02:56 AM

There's a problem with Fedora that changes partition limits when installing it, so it crashs when booting a Windows Operating System.
Take a look at where it explains how to repair it. I had the some problem as you.
When you get the partition correctly, you'll have to install Windows in a new primary partition, and it installation will overwrite the MBR where you propably have Lilo or Grup, so you'll have to overwrite it another time with Lilo or Grub, setting the boot options for the XP partition and Linux partition.
It's not difficult. Good luck.

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