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jim_cliff11 12-28-2006 06:37 PM

Fedora 6 - Cant Login after install & not found
Hi guys,

As some of you know i had problems upgrading RH9 to kernel 2.6 so i decided to scrap it and get Fedora 6 (ZOD) with kernel 2.6.18-1 already built in.

Now im having serious problems with this. Im really not having much luck at all with this and its driving my crazy.

Anyway....... Ive reinstalled Fedora about 4 times now from scratch and everytime i reinstall it i get errors on boot all relating to the file: It mainly comes up when trying to start the server programmes like sendmail etc.

However the system does boot up and the login screen appears. Now..... when i try to log in with root it says password denied or something every single time, and the only way i can get round this is too boot up in single user mode and then use the command "pwconv" to create a shadow file for passwd. Then i use "passwd root" to change the root password. And i also create another user. Ive had to do this every time ive reinstalled. After i done it though i have no more login problems with root or any other users.

So thats the login problem sorted......

However nothing will work or load in fedora. I get the following errors every time i try to run most programmes:

"ImportError: ........."
"rpm: error while loading shared libraries:"
" cannot open shared object file: no such file or directory"

It also says something about python as well. If i goto /usr/lib/ (i think its that dir) there is a file called "" in there and it is hightlighted red and flashing in white writing :/ There is no file in that directory though..... should there be?

I cant download any RPM's as wget and the rpm commands dont work so i cant fix it. Could the file be in the zlibs rpm? In which case do i need to install it? How can i go about repairing the system?

Shouldnt this have been done when i installed Fedora? This error has come up everytime ive installed Fedora.

Any help with this would be greatly appriciated.

Thanks alot


w3bd3vil 12-29-2006 10:01 PM

do a media check on your installation disk. does belong to the zlib package, but this thing shouldnt happen it cant be corrupted.
give us the result of the media check.....

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