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TokyoYank 10-31-2005 01:43 AM

FC4: enhancing fresh install, "must have" packages?
What packages did you install first?

First, I like the FedoraFAQ -- followed the instructions there to add good yum repositories. Then I installed the packages below (for strictly legal and personal, private use, of course, like everyone, etc..)

1) gnome-yum .. ... yum install gnome-yum and now I can add software without the terminal. I hope redhat decides to use something like this instead of the Add/Remove Applications fiasco
2) (but you do need a terminal for this one, as root) rpm -e totem, then yum install totem-xine .. ... now I can play the movie files from my digital camera
3) compat-gcc-32-g77 .. ... Yes, I use 1977 era FORTRAN, doesn't everyone?

What am I missing?

Simon Bridge 10-31-2005 03:15 AM

You can play all media in totem-gstreamer if you install the gstreamer plugins. You get dvd support by installing libdvdcss2.

While xine is excellent, the I only use totem and such for music (goom), for video I use mplayer. See for excellent post-install advice and explainations.

There's the classics: frotz and nethack.
Nethack you know - see the "falcons eye" addon (but needs work).
Frotz will play z-machine interactive fiction (including those old DOS *.dat files that come in the infocom floppies.)

Of course, young folk will prefer something like cedega for online gaming. Will play EVE - apparently.

Me - I went and got the "Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX" and installed the suggested extra packages (no yum, need rpm for this) so I could use the full graphics/html ability of pdflatex as well as pdfscreen. I also got octave, good for those who cannot get matlab. When you write for publication, and do a lot of math, these are vital.

Eventually, I installed yumex.

I got the ms fonts from mjmwired, but also a lot of fancy ttf fonts from cumberland games.

That should hold ya.

Crito 10-31-2005 03:30 AM

Haven't tried gnome-yum, but Tim Lauridsen's Yum Extender provides a really slick GUI interface too.

RealPlayer 10 is another good app to have just to round out Linux's proprietary format support:

TokyoYank 10-31-2005 04:05 AM


Wish I could post direct links.. I will in a few more posts. Anyway:

Simon Bridge:
- I tried "yum install mplayer" but I guess I have no skin or something? Do I need a separate GUI for that? Is it hugely better than my modified version of totem?
- Nethack ... is that a networking tool?
- EVE ... uh, I must work too much. I had to google. *sigh* Looks fun.

yumex Yum Extender -- I have that application, but I like more options and control, so I tend to use gnome-yum "GNOME interface for YUM" I've never used Synaptic, but maybe it's similar?

PS I wish I could post links. (This is post #4 for me, one more to go.)

kurtdriver 11-02-2005 09:34 PM

jed, bastille, snort, cis, opera, mplayer all come to mind. Happy computing, Kurt

ibex 06-01-2006 04:55 AM

Hi Simon,
I am late here - I was just looking for some info about MATLAB and FONTS
cause my installation pops out with very ungly ones and I do not know
where to get a plethora of nice fonts and where to place them.
Any help much appreciated.

TokyoYank 06-01-2006 11:33 AM

FC5 is what I use now, but maybe this helps:

Dunno much about MATLAB, except that octave aims to be the free linux equivlanent. You might wanna post a new topic or try a matlab forum. Good luck

Simon Bridge 06-02-2006 06:35 AM

You can install any truetype fonts in fedora. Google for them, there are tons.
Be sure to read the licence though before you start using them in public.

A good place to start would be cumberland fontworks: - most of his fonts are free for non-profit purposes. He includes a wide range of "handwriting" style fonts. His "Yank" font was used in the New Zealand Linux Wiki.

Generally, however, you should really read through the fedorafaq (prev ms) - truly.

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