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splortz 04-16-2005 11:59 AM

FC3 All my desktop files and folders are missing!
I had a lot of work stored on my desktop in folders and as various files.
It's all gone! I didn't delete them, they disappeared after updating via apt, but not right away.
I first noticed that sometimes when I'd save a file to the desktop, it wouldn't appear. But now, all the folders, all the files, photos, on the gnome desktop are gone, except for the "Home", "Trash" and "Computer" icons.
In KDE, it's even worse. there is a ".directory" file and that, gentlemen, is all.
Before I hang myself, is there any chance of restoring the missing desktop files?
And, btw, just how the heck does this happen? We're talking hundreds of files, here.
Thanks. I've always had good luck solving most of my probs reading your forums.

mindsport 04-17-2005 05:42 AM

Have you checked your Desktop directory located in your home directory? Seems maybe you have some permission problems. IE; you cant read file / folder information in ~/Desktop

splortz 04-17-2005 12:33 PM

Yes, all appears in order as far as permissions go--

It contains only the items currently shown on the desktop, none of the missing items.


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