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jdtiede 02-13-2005 08:30 PM

FC2 no longer recognizes USB devices
Once upon a time my system recognized external USB CD/DVD drives and flash memory from my camera. Then I upgraded to Athlon 64 and soon thereafter a corrupted copy of w2k corrupted my Linux hd. I didn't know the w2k disk was the cause so tried my older, smaller Linux disk. That got corrupted too. I bought a new one on which I never was able to load any OS so I had to reformat my newer Linux drive and reinstall FC2. Now it doesn't recognize any USB devices except the DVD rw, but xcdroast doesn't see it. The system sees it only, as far as I know, when I go to select the boot drive. I have the uhci, ehci, and scsi modules installed. What have I missed?

I am eager to install FC3_64 but can't do it without burning CDs.

owendelong 03-08-2005 07:07 PM

EHCI/OCHI Conflict?
I've encountered a similar problem, and, my solution was to remove the ehci_hcd
driver from the kernel. With ochi_hcd and ehci_hcd drivers installed, none of my
USB devices are recognized. When I remove the ehci_hcd driver, everything works
as expected.

This problem is highly reproducable on one particular machine, although I have
not encountered it on other machines. It is not related to UB, since the drive
in question is showing up as /dev/sd? when I remove ehci.


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