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hDUQUE 07-01-2012 01:03 PM

FC17 - doesnt boot
Hi guys,
i am trying FC17 for a toshiba quosmio wide screen with a nvidia card. In fact i have done two tasks:

1- pre-upgrade from fedora16
2- boot from the dvd (live)
fc17 distribution
both cases i got nothing (graphical screen with nothing) when trying to boot.

because of i reproduce my problem by using the dvd fc17 distribution, i suposse the pre-upgrade process was not the problem.

what can i do ?

how can i reboot in low graphical mode ? ... i suposse i can "yum update" and wait the problem was solved ...

any ideas ?

thanks in advance


RockDoctor 07-01-2012 06:26 PM

Once you select booting the live CD's kernel, press <Tab> to edit the grub2 stanza, add nomodeset to the end ofthe kernel line, then press <F10> to boot. This should boot you in vesa mode, so the screen resolution may not be what you want, but that can be corrected once you add a custon xorg.conf file and/or the nvidia driver

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