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nbhat 06-07-2006 01:07 AM

FC 3 installation
I am trying to install FC3 on a Pentium III 700 MHz I have got 2 hard drives. I am planning dual boot system. This is the first time I am installing linux.
I have created 3 partitions on hdc2 on first hard drive hdc2 starts at 623 cylinder
/ with 2048 MB
/usr with 2048 MB
swap partitons with 512 MB
But I also have 20GB avaialable on hdd2 on second hard drive
While Installing the boot loader I choose to install on hdc5 i.e. first linux partition. Later on in the GUI based installer I saw that for Windows machines the boot loader has to be installed in Master Boot Sector. But when I try to upgrade change the boot loader installation it says no kernel packages installed so not updating boot loader configuration and I am not able to start FC.
Do I have any other option than trying to reinstall fully ?
Also How can I partiton my 5 GB on drive and 20 GB on another drive to utilize the space in best possible way.


cdhgee 06-07-2006 04:25 AM

To address your points one at a time:

If you want to combine the space on your 5GB and 20GB drives, the only way to do this is using LVM (Logical Volume Management), which is included with Fedora. Unfortunately to convert from a conventional partitioned disk to LVM requires a complete reformat of both disks.

To configure Linux as a dual boot system, for example with Windows, the bootloader must be the Linux bootloader, and must be installed on the master boot sector. Using the Linux boot loader, you can then choose to boot to Linux or Windows (or whatever your "other" OS is).

I would say your best bet is a complete reinstall. From a partitioning point of view, there isn't much point allocating a separate partition to /usr, you'd be better off allocating the space to /home as this is where user profiles are stored.

Just a question - why are you installing FC3, which is well over a year old, rather than FC4, which is more recent, or even FC5 which came out a few months ago?

David Gee

nbhat 06-07-2006 07:36 AM

Thanks for the information.
For the time being I have FC3 CDs only and I will be getting FC5 during this weekend. I am too eager to have linux on my machine. So planning toupgrade it then. I am guessing I will not require a full installation when I upgrade to FC5. After ur suggestions and some other inputs I am planning on this

/ 5GB - First drive
swap 1 GB on - Second drive
/home 5GB on - second drive
/var 1GB on - second drive
Ill leave the rest for feature use.

hivtop 06-08-2006 12:33 AM

My suggestion... wait until you have the fc5 disks for the final setup... play with what you have for now but wait for the fc5 disks...

I have upgraded 4 fedora boxes (all remotly) and everyone made me lose hair from pulling it out.. hahhaha

nbhat 06-08-2006 01:03 AM

Thanks for the info. Ill do a fresh installation anyways. Now I am facing issue with display. When the windows come up i see only the boarders content is not showing. Its very slow as well ..I have 384 MB RAM and 1GB swap and Pentium III 700 MHz .. I guess linux can not be slower than windows.

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