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anup1304 03-02-2013 04:40 AM

Error installing Fedor-18
Hello Geeks,

I'm planning to migrate from Windows to Linux. Fedora. I thought first I would install Fedora on a virtual machine to learn it before. I have VMware 8.0.2 Version. I downloaded Fedora-18 ISO image.

The installation does not not continue and is stuck at the below window. No idea what to do :-(

I retried the installation. same error.

PTrenholme 03-02-2013 02:02 PM

That looks like it's trying to tell you that you can't write to a read-only device (sr is your virtual CR-ROM).

I suspect that you configured you VM incorrectly. You need to boot from the image, but have a 16Gb HD as (what Windows would call) a C: drive. It should initially be unformatted, since the installation will do that for you. (Note that that's an ISO 9660 image, not a VM image.)

A simpler way to "get your feet wet" with Fedora (or most other Linux distributions) is to download the Live CD image and boot from that, either in a VM or directly after burning it to a CD or DVD.

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