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donv2 04-23-2006 10:41 PM

Downgrade/earlier version of packages?

New to heavy use of Fedora... slowly ramping up with moving more off of my old Windows install to Fedora. One of the big things I'm missing is the ability to sync my palm pilot (Treo 90).

Searching here and Googling indicates that the packages supplied with FC5 are seriously broken with JPilot, Gpilot due to the version of pilot-link included. This explains why I get major hangs, segv's etc. when trying anything pilot sychronization related. It appears earlier versions of some of these apps/utilities work fine and I don't need any features of the later versions as my handheld is an old model. I would like to roll back to an earlier version to get this to work. Can I do a "yum" command to roll back to an earlier version pkg or are there restrictions in doing so due to kernel compatibilities, etc?

Thanks for any tips or advice.

tamoneya 04-23-2006 10:58 PM

i am not as familiar with yum and i am not sure if you can specify versions. try man yum and see if it tells you. Otherwise you can try to compile from source. You could download an older version and install

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