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NAC 05-11-2006 12:51 AM

Does FC 5 64x support 4GB RAM?
Mine is not support and finlly i found the solution from the website.

We've been trying to get Linux running on a system with 4GB
of RAM for a while. You often get only 3.2GB, or 3.4GB. We found
almost a year ago that the Asus A8N-SLI will give you 3.9GB, which
is pretty much all of it. There are these magic options "hardware
remapping over 4GB" and "software remapping over 4GB" in the BIOS.
You have to install Linux with these options turned off, reboot and
enable them, and then you get almost all your memory. Sorted.

If i donot configure < disable H/W remapping over 4GB >, then i cannot run linux on PC at all. what i can only see just errors.

So i am wondering if FC5 support to 4Gig.

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