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somerandomdude 12-02-2004 11:26 PM

Documents, Settings, etc. folders?
I had FC3 and I was happy; life was good. However, I needed Windows for iTunes and Netmeeting. My 60GB HDD was already partitioned with about 25GB of free space for Windows and a shared partition. When I get into the Win XP installer and try to create a new partition, it says that I already have the max. number of partitions. So, I reboot to my MandrakeMove Live CD, which has a partitioning tool, and I partition the extra space into two FAT32 partitions. I reboot into the Win XP CD again and make a second attempt at installing. When I select the partition to install on, it says the partition isn't Windows compatible. (I think the problem is that Windows has a problem with installing on any partition but the first.) So I give up for the time being and restart. Problem: I can't. It gives me some error message like "can't load operating system" or something similar. And guess what? I didn't backup. So, now I'm in panic mode. I put in the FC3 disk and restart. I know that the data is still there because it gives me the option to upgrade. I essentially start to upgrade FC3 to FC3. When it gets to the boot loader, it says it couldn't find one. So I have it install a new one. When it starts to compile, I leave. When I come back, it says that it couldn't find a kernel (I think), and so it didn't change anything, including the boot loader. I misinterpret this, thinking that it just found out that it already was FC3 and so it decided not to "upgrade" after all. I restart, but (obviously) it still doesn't work. I try again with the installation, this time making a fresh installation instead of "upgrading". I set up the boot loader (making sure to have my original FC3 installation as one of the options), and choose the minimal amount of packages to install. I reboot again. I get to the boot loader, and select my original FC3 installation. It gives me some sort of cryptic error message, so I restart and go into my new FC3 installation. It is now that I find out that the minimal installation does not include a GUI, and the only commands I know are cd, ls, tar, ./configure, make, make install, rpm, and halt, only two of which will do me any good at all. I manage to login as root, and cd to the /dev/ folder. When I use ls, though, since there are so many files, they won't all fit on one screen, and it scrolls to the bottom of the list. I don't know how to scroll up. So I reboot, this time going into my SuSE 9.1 Live CD. I get into Konqueror, and thank heavens, the data is still on my hard drive. So, now I just need to burn my data to CDs, reinstall FC3 from the start, and copy my data back over. (I used this technique to save my sorry Windows using butt back before I switched to Linux.) This way, when I reinstall FC3, and can make the Windows partition the first partition, then the shared, then FC3. That way I can install Windows, and get FC3 back the way it was before I screwed myself up.

So, now my question is this: what all files and folders do I need to burn to disks so I can just copy them all back after I reinstall FC3 so my computer will be exactly the way it was before. I need all settings to be the same. Down to the settings I have set for the extensions I have in Firefox, everything. Will it change anything that I had Firefox and Thunderbird installed in FC2 before I upgraded? I installed both Firefox and Thunderbird to /usr/share/apps/. Also, I use KDE instead of Gnome (But I haven't figured out how to make KDE my default session, so I still have to define KDE as my session every time I log on.).

Please respond as soon as possible; this is urgent. I hope you can understand what I wrote. Better yet, I hope I understand what you write! (I've only been using Linux for about a month or two, so I'm still very much a newbie.) Thank you very much! You have my eternal gratitude.

kola 12-02-2004 11:48 PM

I guess most of it would be in your Home directory, but only you know what other settings you have changed all over the place.

As a tip with the scrolling thing, if you do..

ls | more

it will scroll one screen at a time, then wait for you to hit 'enter'.

thats probably all i can help with, sorry

CommaCrazy 12-05-2004 11:22 AM

it's better to use space with the ls | more and any other scroll down by pressing any key progras.
Reason, you might have something besides your terminal open and u left to get some lunch and ur cat clicks on a file by stepping on the mouse by accident and when u come back and hit enter it executes the file, that's why space is safer.

jojotx0 12-05-2004 01:28 PM

just a tip...while in a mount a hard drive, floppy, CD, or any other device, just type in "mount /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom" without the qoutes...and change /dev/cdrom and /mnt/cdrom to what ever you want to mount...hard drives start with if you have one hard drive it will be hda...if you have 2, you will have hda and hdb...and the same if you have 3, just with an hdc added...all of your partitions are if you have 5 partitions, and 1 hdd you will have hda1-hda5, so on a live CD, in a terminal to mount your original linux install you can type "mount /dev/hda3 /mnt/tmp" and along with this command you would have to have a folder called tmp in /mnt/ and /dev/hda3 would have to be your original linux install.

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