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mr_empty 02-26-2007 06:03 AM

dns and network problem
hi all, i 've set up my dns server using fc5 but it didn't work.
i tried to ping the default gateway and it didn't succeed. there is no firewall blocking the dns ip. but i can access internet through browser. i have checked that the network config should be no problem. what is the problem? thanks all.

acid_kewpie 02-26-2007 06:54 AM

i think you need to tell us what the problem is.. you can access the internet fine in a browser.. so what's actually wrong?

mr_empty 02-26-2007 07:10 PM

the wrong thing is the dns server can't act as the dns server. website cannot be accessed from outside through the dns server into the web server. i doubt that its the network problem since it cannot ping the default gateway. its suppoosed that if i cannot ping the default gateway that i cannot go into the internet. and i can see i have set the default gateway by typing route -n. but the strange thing is i can access internet through browser. i am really confused by the problem. do u know where the problem is? thanks~

acid_kewpie 02-27-2007 01:56 AM

accessed from outside through the dns server? huh? you mean from the itnernet? you have set up the domain to have it's name records served by your server explicitly with the domain registrar? what is this dns server even meant to be doing?

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