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SkyeFyre 02-19-2005 02:01 PM

Detects Soundcard, but I don't get sound
When I go to the soundcard configuration in Fedora Core 3, it picks up my sound card no problem. But when I go to test, or try to play anything no sound comes out. I've got a SoundBlaster Live, and um... I'm sort of new at this so if you need any other information just ask. If anyone could help me out here that would be great.

leadazide 02-19-2005 02:14 PM

Did you unmute PCM and Master?

SkyeFyre 02-19-2005 02:28 PM

How? I just just just switched to Linux today. I've had little previous experience with it.

leadazide 02-19-2005 03:01 PM

Use alsamixer or any other volume control program.

SkyeFyre 02-19-2005 03:15 PM

I went into Alsamixer and turned up the volume, however I still can't get any sound.

leadazide 02-19-2005 04:42 PM

You must press M to toggle mute, you'll see a M above the volume bar if the contol is muted.

SkyeFyre 02-19-2005 05:17 PM

Nope. It isn't muted and I still don't get sound.

Brian1 02-19-2005 05:17 PM

For my Live card I have about 80 % volume on the following. Master, PCM, Bass, Tremble, AC97, CD. Everything else is down to zero but nothing muted. Now on some cards one may have to mute the spdif channel. Don't haven't so can't confirm.

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