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claylong 06-29-2007 08:07 PM

Crash during yum update
I just did a DVD upgrade from FC6 to FC7, all went well. After reboot, I did the customary "yum update". Halfway through installing the 400+ updates, the system crashed (it was my fault, I was messing with the nvidia utility).

Now all yum updates return "No Packages marked for Update/Obsoletion". It appears that while all 400+ updates were downloaded but only 200+ installed, yum or rpm thinks that they were all installed.

Instinctively I did a "yum clean all", which I later realized I probably shouldn't have done (maybe I could have done an rpm -force -Uvh on all those rpms that yum downloaded). I have also tried to delete and rebuild my rpm database with no luck.

I could supply messages, but from what I can tell yum simply thinks everything is up-to-date.

Any thoughts?

Gortex 07-01-2007 01:20 AM

If you don't have that much time invested in to the system yet, such as Mass amounts of files saved on there. I would just Reinstall from scratch again and re update it. quick and eazy fix. Wish i was that lucky I am having tons of problems with my system, and have 260 gigs of Files I need to back up before I can fresh install to fc7 currently using fc4 atm.

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