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ztdep 05-24-2007 10:07 AM

"conection refused problem"
I am going to perform the parallel computation on my computer employing the mpich. But the fisrt thing to do is to make rsh work.
I have set my IP as "" and submask as '', and my hostname is "dp'. when i ernter the command "rsh dp" , it gives the information about "conection refused".
Would you please tell me how to make rsh work , need i to set the gateway. or something else.
yours Sincerely.

james.farrow 05-24-2007 10:37 AM

For my pennies worth, it sounds like the computer can not resolve dp.
Have you tried rsh <ip_address>

Just a thought.


ztdep 05-25-2007 01:46 AM

yes , i have tried. Is seems like that we should open the rsh service. but how to start it.

james.farrow 05-25-2007 06:44 AM

chkconfig --list | grep rsh

It may return the daemon as rshd.

If it does
chkconfig rsh(d) on
service rsh(d) start

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