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slipstreamed 06-17-2013 05:25 PM

Cinnamon crashes every time i login
I have fedora 18 x_64 with KDE, i recently installed cinnamon to try it out, via yum

yum groupinstall "Cinnamon Desktop"
the installation went fine. Then i rebooted the system and selected Cinnamon on the login screen i was then greeted by a sad looking computer image with the message

problem has occurred and the system can't recover. Please log out and try again
demsg shows--

[  77.071602] cinnamon[1265]: segfault at 58 ip 00007f2e2ade7640 sp 00007fffd2ee50d8 error 4 in[7f2e2ad97000+8e000]
[  78.843014] cinnamon[1379]: segfault at 0 ip 00007fb27fff68a0 sp 00007fffb088e138 error 4 in[7fb27ffd3000+8e000]

please help.

timl 06-17-2013 07:50 PM

Hi, I have used cinnamon on F18 & F19 with no problems. The only difference is I started from the Gnome version of Fedora.

A real guess here and I don't know whether this makes any difference but my install method for cinnamon was


yum groupinstall cinnamon
Just wondering whether this throws up any extra packages. My understanding is that cinnamon uses a lot of Gnome stuff so some extra packages may be needed. mjmwired is always a good resource:


slipstreamed 06-20-2013 11:50 AM

I un-installed everything cinnamon related via yum extender and then ran

yum groupinstall cinnamon
now it works!!

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