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unix4power 11-13-2005 02:53 AM

can't find grub
After installing Fedora Core 4,it supposed to display boot loader (grub) to choose to run fedora or other OS's but it didn't?
i tried to install the Grub using first boot cd using "linux rescue" and trying
grub-install /dev/hda but the same problem
can i found solution for this problem...!!!??

acid_kewpie 11-13-2005 03:14 AM

what does happen then? when you run grub-install is there no error message or anything?

saikee 11-13-2005 09:07 AM

list the filenames of /boot/grub directory and the content of /boot/grub/menu.lst here

The screen information of fdisk -l is helpful too.

unix4power 11-14-2005 01:37 AM

Thanx acid_kewpie for your care,i forgot to say that after trying grub-install command i got error message meaning that "can't recognize of hdb5 in BIOS"!!! where hdb5 one Linux partition..
in other side, i installed before "RedHat 7.1 , 7.2,9 ,AS4" and SUSE 9.3 pro.
When can i install Fedora Core 4 ??!!
is that force me to download "again" the 4 ISO cd's???!!!but why i didn't face any problem during installation but after restart......can't find linux!!!
My PC configuration is "
P4 2.0 GHz , RAM 256 MB, 2 IDE HDD
80 GB i already install win2k and win2k3 on it ,
40 GB divided into 3 parts one of them is 20 GB for linux partitions..
and i Successfully installed REHL 4 ..!!!!

saikee 11-14-2005 11:45 AM

If you watch the response from grub-install it should have told you if the command was successfull or not.

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