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Cap'n Skyler 07-10-2005 01:39 AM

canon cameras
just passing along a FYI to you all,i could not get my camera to be "seen" by my 'puter's USB ports on the front of my machine.after amny tries and many headaches,i have the answer.some how i am supposed to enable(maybe mount?) the usb ports,but i dont know if/how,so i tried the USB on the back on the motherboard and PRESTO!!!i can D/L pics from my camera.
i know this seems so minor,and it is one of a zillion small things i have learned of linux.SO..........if you are linux savvy,please ignore my post :)..........and if not savvy,here ya go!

Simon Bridge 07-12-2005 11:12 PM

Excuse me but this is incoherent rubbish!
What I get from this post is...
To access usb camera - use usb port on "back" of computer?

What rot.
There are plenty of tutorials on the web about how to use usb in linux's of all kinds.

You must have usb compiled into the kernel.
The on-board usb sockets (used by the front-panel usb sockets) use a different driver in some hardware configs ... use lspci and/or lsusb to find out. lsmod tells you what you have loaded. Chances are you just need to modprobe usb-ehci.

There are two main ways to access a camera - one way is for the camera to pretend to be a mass storage device. For this sort you need usb-storage loaded. Then you mount -t vfat /dev/sda1 (sdb1, sdc1 etc) /mnt/camera to get it running. A simple script will suffice to automatically download the content of the memory-card/stick whatever.

The other way is to use PPP - there will be a setting in the cameras connection options to do this. In this mode, the camera can be accessed by gphoto!

In more recent distros/kernels - the assigning of devices to usb is more standardised and it is possible to write fstab entried for them... in FC4 for eg, a camera or any removeable media is auto-detected, mounted and an appropriate program is run.

Cards/sticks are mounted just like floppies. But plug a camera in and gphoto gphoto will run and ask what you want to do with the photos. Sweet. All this from a front panel usb-port.

Now I don't mind ignorance - that's in plentiful supply. It is incoherent ignorance claiming to be knowledge that I mind. All this information is available for a very short google and a few hours reading. Your post suggests you have done little more than fiddle with your computer without trying to understand it.

In the tutorials section there is a bit about how to write an answer - go look, read, before replying to this. Punctuate. Start each sentence with a capital letter. Use whole sentences. Use paragraphs. And, for all our good sakes, try to put things in some sort of logical order.

Imanerd 07-13-2005 01:19 AM

Simon Bridge,
Regardless of whether or not what you posted is accurate, your tone was pretty condescending. The guy was just being enthusiastic and trying to help people out with a little "trick" he had "discovered". I don't think he deserved the lashing you gave him. Newbies are much more likely to return to this forum (and to Linux) if they're treated with respect and gently guided by those who are more knowledgeable, such as yourself. Thanks.

Cap'n Skyler 07-13-2005 01:33 AM

he knew exactly what i was saying--not "incoherent rubbish"
for me,reaching the back side og my comp is easier than sifting through 5 thousand google results looking for exactly the right answer---and i would not be sure IF i found it anyway.
it is the over complicated nature of linux and attitudes such as his that turn me off so much here(not per se).IF they would make linux as simple as dirt--they would throw windows into the stone age.those that make it,like it about a product not connecting with the consumer!!!
but i must admit......ONCE it is up and running smoothly,it is awesome!
he sure showed me with his "superior knowledge" LOL and whooppeeee for him. my own life has not changed for better or worse since his post
and life goes on,and i shall keep learning.
now i am off to dabble in slackware 10.something something :)

Simon Bridge 07-14-2005 10:36 PM

Imanerd: Thanks - that was a well written rebuke. I probably did go overboard there ... it happens to the best of us.

I'd like to point out to new folk reading this that I wouldn't have bothered with a flame like that if (a) I didn't thing the guy was worth it, and (b) if the "information" wasn't misleading. The evident enthusiasm was part of why I bothered to reply - but I think I should have modified my stance to acknowledge this and offer a softer guiding hand. Let this be a lesson in the subtle art of the reply for others.

Cap'n Skyler: spoken like someone who hasn't read the advice part of my sig.

I wouldn't direct someone to google if I wans't actually looking at the page (in the top 10 offerings from a search term using key text from the message).
(an old howto for SuSE but with general application - 2nd entry for a search of "mount canon usb camera" includes a reference to gphoto.)
(this was number 9 if I added "linux" to the search terms)
(this was number one(!) for searching "USB HOWTO")
Any of these would put you on the right track. They weren't the only ones.

The HCL (hardware Compatability List) in this forum lists many cameras. Any random camera in the list has the mention of gphoto.

Imanerd understood the same as I did. Probably after the same effort at translation. BTW: I note that you've made some effort on your grammer this time - much easier to read.

Since I was probably too harsh last time - I'd like to take some time to modify my prose and approach somewhat.

Aside: FWIW - when you find yourself flamed by someone who appears to have much more experience than you (see left) - it is often worth checking up on them before you react... go look at my profile and some of my past posts... see if I tend to do this sort of thing. How do I generally post? If you find this sort of thing "unusual" - you may have to face the possibility that I feel strongly motivated to break form: of course - I could have just gone insane :) (Please note: I looked up your other posts before I replied.)

I was concerned that your post would mislead newbies into thinking that (a) linux does not support front-panel usb ports and (b) that linux is too coplicated to figure out. Both are false.

You didn't learn anything?
I gave information about how to get your front-panel usb working. Did you give it a go?

Would you like your front-panel usb port to work for you? Or, perhaps I have completely misunderstood?

Your grammar has got better. At least you have done more punctuation and started each paragraph on a new line.

While grammar et al is not something to agonise over, well written and structures posts are easier to read. Remember, many folk out there have English as their second language. It can be tough enough to sort out grammatical English, especially when you are new, without having to deal with idiomatic English on top of the technical aspects. With this in mind:
  • You still should be starting each sentence with a capitol letter. This distinguishes each sentence and makes the structure of your writing stand out. It is also important because not all machines will resolve that full-stop (period) very well - so it can be easy to miss. Similarily, the full-stop should have at least one space after it. Proffessional typists use two.
  • Hyphens should have a space on each side where you want to indicate a pause and no space where you want to have the words "run-on" together. I added this because it is not clear which you intend.
  • Paragraphs should contain one point each and be seperated by a blank line. (It's simpler than relying on indentation like teachers and journalists use). See how each of my points is clear in this post?
  • Whole words should only be capitalised if you intend to SHOUT. <ahem> pardon :) If you merely wish to emphasis a word, you can use italics or bold-face by including bv codes in your reply.

    (bv codes have the following format: [x]text[/x] - for italics, x = I; for bold-face, x = B. It's a lot like hypertext.)

    In your case, you only did this to emphasis the word: "if". Or perhaps you did intend to shout?

Linux developers want things to be simple - the main trouble is that programmers are often hopeless at writing manuals. Generally, the ethos is to assume intellegence on the part of the user and encourage people to find their own solutions. This said - there are many many simple howto sites for the taking. All in the top 10 in a simple search. People are falling over themselves to satisfy your desire to have things simple and easy.

I think that linux will not be simple the way you want until computers sart being sold with some distro pre-installed. Windows is a classic with this - if you had to install windows from scrach you'll find it lots more frustrating. I windows install is extreemly basic: you then have to find and install all the drivers you need - buy the apps - as well as spend hours updating everything (Though this last bit is also a fun project under linux :) ) After you've done all this - the thing crashes on you. (I've done this...)

I have done some preinstalling on brand-new machines, and I get to tweak everything for the individual machine - just like the windows installers do in the shops. I've had no troubles yet - though a few complaints about security stopping some access, you know: paradigm stuff you know about by now :)

"Superior knowledge"?
This is someone who's been around a while trying to tell you stuff. If I thought you were too dumb for this, I wouldn't have bothered. I'm not brighter than you, but I have been around long enough to make some of the dumber mistakes and I am thus prone to wave my arms and shout a lot when I see someone bright doing the same as me :)

But, you know, if you don't want to learn - that's no problem. Just say so and I'll stop bothering you :)

Cap'n Skyler 09-13-2005 12:58 AM

thanks simon.................i guess....................your post was too long winded,and rambled too much to be of any real use to me.i have my camera issues worked out now,thanks a lot for trying to help me :)
take care

Simon Bridge 09-13-2005 05:36 AM

Why spend time learning anything when ignorance is instantanious.
--- Hobbs (Bill Watterson)

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