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igrossberg23 05-15-2019 11:57 AM

Booting to MemTest86 v8.1 with EDAC running in the background
I'm doing some investigation of ECC errors on several DIMMS that have had problems in the past. In order to produce the errors I am using MemTest86 v8.1, which I am able to successfully boot via USB. The issue is that the error logging native to MemTest isn't very informative. I'm interested in specific row/column information for reported ECC errors (CE btw), which doesn't get reported by MemTest. The error reporting done by EDAC while the OS is running is sufficiently informative, but doesn't appear to catch anything happening while MemTest is running. My end goal is to have MemTest run while EDAC reports the errors. I've found that the person before me in my position was able to get this working and the only clue I have is that they messed around with GRUB settings to get this working. If anyone has any input on how I can make this happen it would be appreciated.

FYI. I'm running fedora 30 on an Intel S2600WF Server Board with a Xeon Gold 6148 CPU @ 2.40 GHz and 16GB Mitac DIMMs.

business_kid 05-20-2019 07:52 AM

And you don't have a backup of his grub.cfg?

IMHO, This might limit the testing as Memtest usually likes to have the memory to itself, and not be messing about with kernel stuff.

At a wild guess you could find something on the memtest site or you could try doing an all no config, with your disk driver compiled in for sda, then having an entry calling this kernel with boot options for logging levels and init=memtest. You'll only lose an hour at most.

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