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mickeyboa 03-08-2008 09:34 PM

Booting off Usbstick
Setting up sysrescuecd on usbstick. I have followed instuctions on the Sysrescuecd website
Have sdb1 partitioned as a fat16 F.S. have all the folders and files copied over to usbstick, from the iso CD I made up, run 'syslinux /dev/sdb1' and 'sync' , but cannot get computer to boot off usbstick, set computers BIOS to boot off a Usb-Hdd
I didn't get any errors running syslinux or sync from SU.

Lenard 03-09-2008 08:18 AM

It sounds like you may have missed a few things, hopefully you copied from the ISO images folders to the root of the USB memory. The BIOS boot order setting of USB-Hdd first is wrong, try setting the USB-floppy first in the boot order or if possible USB / Flash memory.

mickeyboa 03-09-2008 11:41 AM

I tried booting from:

And each time the computer will locked up and won't boot any further, until I remove usbstick and reset and boot into OS.

You said putting files from CD in /dev/sdb1, a root directory, I have a vfat partition /dev/sdb1 isn't that considered as root ?

Lenard 03-09-2008 11:52 AM

The files in the directories from the CD or ISO image are copied to the root of the partition;

And a little quoting;

step-02: Copy files from the CDRom

Now, you have to copy the most important files. The SystemRescueCd disc must be mounted on /mnt/cdrom. You can mount the ISO file too, in order to avoid burning a CD-R. The stick is mounted on /mnt/usbstick. Be careful, according to an user in the forums the order matters:

cp /mnt/cdrom/syslinux/syslinux.cfg /mnt/usbstick/
cp -r /mnt/cdrom/isolinux/* /mnt/usbstick/
cp -r /mnt/cdrom/bootdisk /mnt/usbstick/
cp /mnt/cdrom/sysrcd.dat /mnt/usbstick/
End results;

$ ls
aida.img      f5troubl.msg  ldlinux.sys  rescue64          sysrcd.md5      f6pxe.msg    maps          rescue64.igz      usbstick.htm
dban.img      f7net.msg    memdisk      rescuecd          vmlinuz2
f1boot.msg    freedos.img  memtest86    rescuecd.igz      vmlinuz2.igz
f2images.msg  gag.img      memtestp.img
f3params.msg  isolinux.bin  ntpass.img    syslinux.cfg
f4arun.msg    isolinux.cfg  ranish.img    sysrcd.dat

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