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osat3ch 08-22-2004 10:52 PM

"bar" is a piece of crap........... but PLEEEASE HELP ME!!! sorry "OT"
You are coming here. Here are people that "LOVE" what you are calling a piece of crap AND YET you are asking them for help.

Now they are torn between helping you and letting your post drop off the edge. Recently I posted a reply to someone that had "bar" ruined my PC!!! in the Subject bar. Try not to insult the people that are trying to help you.

This is not a personal attack aimed at one person but hopefully good free advice to the public at large that comes in here posting; "bar" sux, "bar" ruined my pc, "bar" is worse than windows, or "bar" destroyed my sisters reputation.

IF you post something inflamatory in your subject people will get emotional. They are then more likely to give you advice that is not the solution to your problem because they will infer things that you did not write.

The post I mentioned lacked information that could have made it more clear what the person was intending to do. People offered suggestions that they hoped would go above and beyond what the poster was asking and hopefully see how great linux really was.

Someone also tryed to back-up the original poster but they were referencing an issue the poster had not raised. This also could have been a result of the inflamatory remarks bringing emotion into the equation and transferance of thier own problem to the original poster.

ANYWAY, hopefully the moderators can put this somewhere and not hold my off topic post against me.

wapcaplet 08-23-2004 09:38 PM

Nah, "bar" is okay. It's "foo" that sucks.

But seriously: huh?

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