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rporter1980 06-19-2004 05:54 AM

backup via Win2K from Fedora Core 2
Having installed Fedora Core 1 and everything working ok i installed Fedora Core 2, this is where my problem starts

I use fedora as a server at home and backup on to DAT tape using Windows 2000 PRO and Retrospect Professional using Fedora 1 i had no problem at all, but when i installed fedora 2 and tried each time i got a message Permission Denied, i also tried to backup using built in Backup on Windows 2000 but still got the same message.
I reverted back to Fedora 1 and all works well and no error message

Has anyone had this problem or has the system been changed in some way, because i know that i set everything up the same as i have done with Fedora 1 & 2

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