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c0mrade 06-22-2010 09:01 AM

Apache qpid-config issues
Hello everyone, I'm trying to connect to another computer in my network via qpid-config(which is running qpid server). Here is where I follow the instructions and .

I can connect to qpid server(which is running on the network) via JMX Management Console which is gui version of what I'm to accomplish from console/unix shell. I can connect and read messages from queue(s) from this server so it means there is no problem with network or whatever.

I'm running Fedora Core 13, here is the following combinations I've tried so far with qpid-config so I can run qpid-tool and some other commands :


qpid-config -a localhost,, guest/guest@qpid-server
    qpid-config -a guest/guest@qpid-server
    qpid-config -a qpid-server,, qpid-server:8999, guest/guest@qpid-server

qpid-server is added to /etc/hosts as hostname for

Had anyone anything similar to this maybe I'm missreading the instructions(although they are pretty straight forward), I've spend so much time on this and just stuck now.

thank you for any help in advance

KenJackson 06-30-2010 11:11 PM

I don't know about qpid stuff, but two things that can interfere with even slightly obscure network activity are iptables and selinux.

To disable them respectively as an experiment, try these commands as root:

service iptables stop
setenforce 0

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