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timl 06-06-2010 03:40 AM

anyconnect f13
Hi, I have installed cisco annyconnect which I was using under f12. When I connect to the relevant site I get:
Connection attempt has failed due to server certificate problem.
In f12 I was simply asked to accept a certificate. Is there somewhere in selinux/firewall which allows me to accept certificates?

Alternatively, is there a tool which allows me to extract certificates from one computer and drop them on another?

alli_yas 06-07-2010 09:53 AM

To trace whether its a firewall issue, if you know the IP of the destination VPN server you're connecting too, try:


# ping ipofserver



# telnet ipofserver:portofserver

This will indicate whether your machine is actually able to get out through the firewall.

timl 06-08-2010 05:04 AM

Hi, ping works fine. I am not sure of the port though. I tried an educated guess and got:

telnet: Name or service not known Unknown host

I have a couple of other PCs on my LAN both running older versions of Fedora. the VPN client works fine but I get the same telnet errors

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