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the_rhino 10-29-2004 12:46 PM

Any information on the configuration policy of Fedora?
Is there information available that would show what is different in the configuration/setup/operation between FC2 and MD9.2/10.0/10.1 or other flavors of Linux.

It seams that things are different probably because of a security minded focus. Is there information that would explain the reason FC2 is configured the way it is or explain how it is configured? It appears that most configuration files are found most of the time in /etc in most flavors but there are still differences even with that. One example; Apache is configured with a different set of config files in Mandrake than in Fedora even though the files are generally in the same location.

Please understand I am not complaining, just trying to learn. It took a while to get comfortable with Mandrake, after coming from MS windows. Now I am going through another learning curve again, from Mandrake to Fedora.

Thanks to any one who is willing to point me in the correct direction to flatten and shorten this learning curve.

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