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antidelldude 08-21-2005 11:34 AM

Access control limiting
Ok guys, this question has been asked again and again, but I have never read an answer that I like. I have implemented a huge wireless lan out in the middle of nowhere and right now I am providing free internet out there. I would like to start charging for it because I have permission from the t1 company. Problem is though I need to limit the bandwidth on a per client basis, preferably by either ip address or mac address. I also have a few wired clients running off of this system that I would like to restrict bandwidth to also. The center of all of this in a fully updated fedora core 4 server setup. How can I accomplish this without diving into an expensive Cisco setup? I don't care if i have to spend a little money on software neither. Also, i'd rather not mess with ip tables. I have seen bandwidth limiting devices for windows servers and another one for linux but the linux one is severly outdated and won't run on fedora core 4. I can't remember the names of either off the top of my head.

Thanks in advance.

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