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rsouflaki 01-02-2005 09:21 AM

2 problems:terminals and networking
I use fc2.
First Problem:
All of a suddenn one cold night of december my terminal window refused to open..No messages,no freezing,i just command it to open and it doesn't.It used to work until recently and i haven't changed nothing in the settings...

Second Problem:
My computer is sharing it's internet connection with my other computer.The modem is installed in the other computer which uses windows xp.The connection is established through ethernet and it worked as soon as i installed linux fc2 in my computer(did nothing to help and linux co-operate perfect).The problem is that sometimes my internet explorer(tried them all,i mostly use mozilla firefox) freezes and has to be killed.I think this started after i tried to download the 339 available updates for fc2 ,which failed.

I know almost nothing about how linux work so please try to be a little specific!!

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