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magikraven 02-17-2009 03:49 PM

Stopped to say "hi" to fellow Dreamers,....
Saw there was a new sub-forum for Dreamlinux here in LinuxQuestions,...great! I've recently started using Dreamlinux,...and think it's super-good. My "second" computer is a PIII with an older Nvidia card in it,...and it was making me almost pull my hair out, trying to get the video card working in other distros. The methods to get the card working,..were either too hard,...or else I'm just not the smartest thing that ever fell off a rock, where configuring linux is concerened! But I discovered that with Dreamlinux all I had to do, was to use the "EasyInstall" thing! So now I'm a pretty big fan of Dreamlinux,....
(plus I like the fact that it's based on good ol' Debian),....It's both easy to use,...and looks really cool! Oh,..and did I mention that since it uses the Xfce desktop,...that old computer goes pretty fast now?

djsroknrol 03-11-2009 08:13 PM

So glad you found us...the DL forum and wiki are great places to get questions answered as well.

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