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BobNutfield 05-26-2009 04:47 AM

HOWTO for WPA-PSK for a live Session?
Hello Everyone,

I have been looking around for a lighter weight distro for my Acer Aspire One. It is currently running Ubuntu Jaunty which is just a little too heavy weight and is pretty slow and runs the battery rather quickly.

I came across Dreamlinux, and set up a live install on a USB stick. It looks great and runs well on the AAO, but before I give it serious consideration, I need to see if I can resolve a couple of issues.

It picks up the wireless just fine with wicd, but there seems to be no way to set up the WPA-PSK encryption on a live session. I know I could edit the /etc/network/interfaces file on a full install, but I want to test the network before that.

Also, the screen resolution looks good, but the AWN dock is off-center. I am sure I could resolve that but the network issue is more important.

This is a great looking distro, and if I do replace Ubuntu, it would be nice have another Debian based distro to do it with.

Thanks for any replies.


BobNutfield 05-27-2009 04:20 PM

OK, two days, 59 views, no replies. I guess I can assume this can't be done with this distro. The search continues....

useResa 06-09-2009 03:11 AM

Sorry for not replying. I am afraid that threads at LinuxQuestions sometimes go (too) long unnoticed. I am not a "wireless" expert but I am pretty sure this can be resolved.
There are several threads about applying the WPA key for wireless in the Network Cards, Wireless section at the Dreamlinux Forums.
Maybe you can find your answer there?

If not, feel free to answer your question there.

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