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efi360 01-05-2005 11:21 AM

Xmms visualizations & 3D Problem
Running simply mepis ( debian Based) on olds comp. pc
pentium II 450mhz
196 mb Ram
Nvidia vanta display card
20 gig HD
es 1370 suond card

After installing the nvidia drivers and getting 3d working all my visualization in XMMs plug-ins like Blur scope, simple spectrum analyzer etc... do not work right they are varry slow and jerky Like tuxracer without 3d enabled .( Well not realy quit that slow, Nothing is slower than that ) but defanitly not working right. My TuxRacer works great as does TuxKart and 3d is working good. has anyone experienced this and been able to fix. The visual plug-ins ran great before using nvidia driver & 3d

As a couriosity when I stoped by a buddys house who has same distro running and has nividia card also with 3d enabled I fired up XMMS and started his visual plug-ins and they ran the same way realy slow and jerky
So it's not just my system any light on subject or fix would be apreciated as I use the visuals in XMMS quite often.

Thanks in advance to Linux community :-)

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