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nub47 12-22-2003 03:32 AM

XFree86 not working!!
I can't get XFree86 to run, here is the error:


Could not open default PEX font file Toman_M
(EE) Generic Mouse: cannot open input device
(EE) PerInit failed for input device "Generic Mouse"
(II) XINPUT: Adding extended input device "Configured Mouse" (Tpe: MOUSE)
Could not init font path elements unix/:7100, removing from list!
Fatal Server error:
Caught signal 4, server aborting.
Would anyone happen to know of a site with the information that would help me set this up correctly from the console. I get these errors after typing 'startx' and seing the KDE bootsplash for a few seconds. Is their a config. file i could edit and how?
thanx in advance!

llamakc 12-22-2003 06:50 AM

We need more information. Which release of Debian are you running? Stable, Testing, Unstable? The configuration file is called XF86Config-4 (or XF86Config) and is in the /etc/X11 directory. Repost with that included, and the output of the log /var/log/XFree86.0.log.

1. What type of connection is your mouse? PS2? USB? What modules are loaded on the machine? You can send us the output of that with:


What commands did you give the system to get KDE installed? Have you installed any of the meta-packages like x-window-system? (If not, be wary: this is a big one).

Let us know. Your answer may be fairly easy.

For example if you have a USB mouse, change the instances of /dev/psaux in the /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 file to /dev/input/mice and then on the CLI do

cat /dev/input/mice

You should see a bunch of garbage on the screen. You'll have to CTRL-D to kill that and possibly type the command


Which will clear the screen of the garbage.

I always install the hotplug package when I am on a box with USB devices.

Good Luck!

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