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hilltownboy 03-28-2009 09:41 PM

xfce4 terminal conflict
xfce4-terminal 0.2.8-5 arrived on my laptop with recent upgrade from xfce-etch to xfce-lenny, but it doesn't display quite right and the package is marked as having a conflict with "terminal". But "terminal" is "not a real package", says aptitude, and there are probably 100 or more incomprehensible (to me, anyway) files in /usr/share/ and elsewhere with references to "terminal". Some are for "gnome-terminal".

Can anyone give me a clue to locate or fix the conflict? The terminal does not show commands entered until after they are executed, and the text is in all colors of the rainbow. Xterm on the other hand works normally.

saman007uk 04-05-2009 07:52 PM


apt-get update
apt-get -f install
dpkg-reconfigure -a
aptitude reinstall sudo
If it doesn't work, purge xfce4-terminal and install it again.

hilltownboy 04-09-2009 09:35 AM

Thanks, I'll give it a try. It may also fix some other conflicts, such as failure to find sound card.

hilltownboy 04-12-2009 03:21 PM

Tried all of the above commands, but terminal remains faulty. Dpkg-reconfigure -a was time-consuming because it went through the entire distribution and asked a lot of questions (some inscrutable to me). It did replace /etc/X11/xorg.conf with a minimal version, which garbled the login screen. Had to restore the original version (which provides for "vesa" as driver in the Device section).
At one point there was a hint of a conflict between xfxe4-terminal and xfce4-goodies, but nothing about what to do about it.

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