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zbrox 07-11-2004 03:51 AM

xdg problems
yesterday i ran a dist-upgrade. after that my gnome was mixed up totally. in the computer place all the files are shown as *.desktop or *.drive files. when i click twice on them it tells me there's no application associated with them. and the starthere.desktop acts the same. as i googled for the solving of the problem, i found that in the bashrc of every user there should be a line that exports a variable XDG_DATA_DIRS. the problem is i don't know what path to append to it, because in debian gnome isn't installed in /opt/gnome or something like that. so could anyone help me with this's kinda annoying :)
thank you very much in advance!

zbrox 07-11-2004 09:03 AM

Can't anybody help me? i'm desperate...i've tried not one directory...
the .gnome dir in the home folder
all kinds of folders which are named gnome or gnome2...
nothing's fixed!!!

zbrox 07-11-2004 10:53 AM

i solved the problem myself. i just reconfigured the shared-mime package with dpkg-reconfigure and the environment variables aren't needed!

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