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dongmin 05-29-2004 12:57 AM

woody install problem - failure while configuring base packages
i already once installed woody, but for some reason that i can't remember, i deleted it. i'm trying to install it once again, but i'm running into problems that i didn't encounter before while using the same method..

everything goes smoothly.. partitioning the /boot swap and /.. done.. initializing them.. done... but it goes to install the base and configure it and gives me an error saying:


failure while configuring base packages. this will be attempted 5 times. <continue>
so i press continue.. for 5 times and it doesn't work.

i try that step again, and it says the files are already there and it'll configure.. blah blah.. but this time it gives me this error:


debootstrap exited with an error (return value 1)
i was thinking that the /boot partition ran out of room while configuring, although it seems impossible to surpass the 10 megs i gave it, so i gave that partition a boost to 100 megs and tried again.. didn't work.

some help please?

ps.. i'm trying to install woody then dist-upgrade to sid

dongmin 06-01-2004 09:09 PM


macondo 06-02-2004 11:15 AM

There are different ways of installing Woody:

1. Write bf24 at the first screen prompt and net-install for a bit, and continue with CD1, when told so..

2. Start with CD5 and switch to CD1 when instructed to do so, and continue till you finished.

I like the option #2, even if i had to d/l an extra cd, in the long run it saves me precious time and never fails..

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